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Environmental Management Principles for Local Governments

Five broad environmental management principles have been developed to address all areas of environmental responsibility of local governments.
The five Principles are as follows:

Principle 1: Management Commitment
Principle 2: Compliance Assurance And Environmental Management
Principle 3: Enabling Systems
Principle 4: Performance And Accountability
Principle 5: Measurement And Improvement
Each of the five principles, which provide the overall purpose of the step in the management cycle, is supported by Performance Objectives, which provide more information on the tools and mechanisms by which the principles are fulfilled. The principles and supporting Performance Objectives are intended to serve as guideposts for local governments intending to implement environmental management programs or improve existing programs. It is expected that each of these principles and objectives would be incorporated into the management program of every local government. The degree to which each is emphasized is will depend in large part on the specific functions of the implementing local government. An initial review of the existing program will help the local government to determine where it stands and how best to proceed.
Source: Adopted from US-EPA ELP Programme

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